Granted patents can be a valuable revenue source. Patent may allow one to use patented technology that is otherwise unavailable. Working on various patents every year, across every industry, enables us to acquire a strong knowledge base that we maintain with updated information on specific patent office rules, deadlines, extensions, and other specific regulations associated with the prosecution process. We understand the needs, deadlines and urgencies associated with the process.

Invention Development & Consultancy

Researchwire can assist in crystallizing the idea right from conception stage. Through multiple sessions with the inventor, our team understands all elements of an invention. As a part of Invention development we provide the inventor with the prior art existing in the domain and helps him/her in further refining the invention. We provide complete assistance to the inventor to determine when and which idea is patentable.

Filing Provisional Application

Proof Reading of a patent application is done before filing the patent application, to minimize efforts due to office actions related to drafting . Researchwire Proof Reading team adapts unique strategies for identifying errors such as grammatical mistakes , antecedent mistakes and consistency of terms in the patent document and also performs enablement checks for each claimed feature/element in the description section of the patent document. The errors determined during patent proofreading are analyzed and considered for filing a certificate of correction at the patent office.

Patent Drafting

Researchwire offers Patent Drafting services in many countries. Our patent teams have expertise to draft patent specifications that suit the requirements of specific patent offices. While drafting a patent application we perform several in-house quality checks to make sure that all the features of the invention are covered in the best possible way. It is also ensured that all the possible variations of the idea / invention are anticipated and covered in the description.Our team can work with informal drafts and images provided by your client to produce a final product that meets the required standards. In other cases, we do patent drafting for projects where rough images are limited. Our team schedule a number of meetings / calls to understand your clients requirements. You are periodically updated on the progress. The inputs from your end are appreciated and incorporated as per your feedback. We help you to draft the claims of the patent such that it can resist the tide of all the attempts to question its validity. We have drafted several patent applications for Fortune 1000 companies, law firms, technology companies and SMEs across the globe.

Office Action Response

Dealing with the patent examiners arguments during the prosecution, requires in-depth knowledge of the invention and its technology. Researchwire team works closely with attorneys,inventor and organizations to assist them in framing the arguments / comments with respect to examiners points and amends the specification and claims. In past assignments, our experts skillfully assisted our clients to respond to objection / rejections on enablement, novelty, and obviousness issues raised by patent offices.

Grant of Patent

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