Praveen Singh

Founder and Director-Operations

Founder and Director-Operations. Praveen is a patent research professional having extensive experience in Prior art search (over 3500 patent searches) & Patent portfolio management. He has himself provided litigation support in multi-patent lawsuits by providing non-infringement arguments, claim construction and Invalidity contentions and has experience of analyzing portfolio of telecom major having more than 8000 patents worldwide. He has a cumulative experience of 7.5 years as Head- Operations at leading patent research company having team size of 40-50 people


Pravin Shukla

Director Marketing & Business Development

As Director Marketing & Business Development, Pravin is responsible for the Go to Market Strategy,Business Development and Client Satisfaction. Pravin received his B. Tech. Degree with Honours in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi. Pravin has more than 13 years of extensive industry experience, with the largest automobile company of India Tata Motors Limited,across all the functions of value chain viz. market research, product design, NPI, production management, quality assurance, marketing, business development, and customer service. Pravin has spent majority of his working years on clients side viz. business development, marketing, customer satisfaction & customer service and hence has developed acute understanding of what it takes to satisfy customers. Pravin’s motto is Customer service is not a department, its an attitude. An acute observer of finest details, Pravin makes customer delight an everyday reality.


Bikram Raj Kumar

Founder and Managing Director

As a Founder and Managing Director, Bikram plays a key role in the day to day operations and formulating strategies for smooth execution of research assignments. Bikram is also responsible for client acquisition and client engagements in Asia pacific region. Bikram helps global technology companies monetize their IP assets through automated tools and helps them generate more value out of their IP. He has the expertise of assisting clients on a wide range of technologies such as Semiconductors (circuits and processes), Wireless Technologies, Memory Devices, Cloud Computing, and Consumer Electronics.

Bikram has been advising several Global 500 clients in effective patent portfolio optimization and competitive benchmarking analysis to help them understand their position in the industry. Bikram has extensive experience in assisting clients on high stake US, Japanese and Chinese patent litigation cases. Recently, Bikram has been actively involved in advising clients on new product development strategies and technology Landscape studies.

Rohit Kumar

Director Marketing & Business Development

Rohit Kumar is responsible for ResearchWire European business. He is an HEC, Paris 2008 MBA and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur 2002 engineering graduate with close to 17 years of experience in business innovation and strategy, business development and client relationship roles. He is working with ResearchWire since 2016 and as a partner, is responsible for the growth of ResearchWire in Europe.

Prior to ResearchWire, Rohit was handling sales strategy and pricing for Syniverse Technologies, a telecom services provider, where he was instrumental for growth in EMEA and India through product innovations, creative pricing and discounting models and executing strategic sales plans.

Rohit is based out of Luxembourg and has been living in Europe for last 12 years. He understands European customers and their needs and ensures that our customers always have a local person to reach out whenever needed.


Satish 1 (5) (1)

Satish Malik

Associate Vice President (Head – Chemical & Life Science)
Expert in technology landscape, portfolio analysis, shadow innovation plans & infringement analysis.

Amrendra Kumar Mishra

Head- Patent Licensing, Monetization and Litigation Services
 Extensive experience in Patent Prosecution & Litigation

Abhishek Jain

Territory Head-APAC-IP Analytics
Specialized in Patent Licensing & Monetization

Kuldeep Baid

Head- IP Asset Management and Evaluation
Expert in IP Portfolio Analysis (Home Automation and E-Commerce)
Yashwanth R

Yashwanth Reddy Pogula

Head – Reverse Engineering
Responsible for Growth in Semiconductor Reverse Engineering & IP monetization.
Prachi Badera

Prachi Badera

Senior Manager – IPR
Expertise in Patent Portfolio Management and Infringement Analysis

Dipesh Gautam

Manager-IP Analytics
Expertise in SEP Analysis and Consumer Electronics

Ajay Gupta

Manager – IP Analytics
Patent Searching Expert (5G, Wireless Communication, Sensors)
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Denny Saini

Manager – IP Drafting & Prosecution
Professional expertise as a patent engineer in IP

Deepak Kumar

Manager – Product Development
Expertise in Wireless Sensor Networks,  IoT & Wearable Technology
Nikita Rastogi

Nikita Rastogi

Manager – IP Analytics
Expertise in Claim Chart/Evidence of Use (EoU) Preparation
Yogesh Suresh Bhalerao

Yogesh Suresh Bhalerao

VP-IT Enabled Services
Expertise in Service-Oriented Architecture, Microservice, Multitier, MVC Architecture

Sagar Shethia

Senior Research Associate
Patent Agent and Expert in Patent Drafting & Prosecution

Naveen Vijay

Senior Research Associate
Expertise in Product Infringement & Claim-Chart Mapping
3a_Shehbaz Syed

Syed Shahebaz Ali

Senior Research Associate
Specialist of Landscape Studies (Medical Devices and Pharma)
Dr. Amol Bhanudas Raut

Dr. Amol Bhanudas Raut

Senior Research Associate
PhD and Expertise in Life Science

Shivkumar Chaurasia

Senior Research Associate
P.H.D and Expertise in Life Science

Hida Yusuf Patwe

Senior Research Associate
Technological Landscape Expert
4b_Ridhi Rajgor

Riddhi Ashok Rajgor

Patent Analyst
4b_Anand Endole

Anand Madhav Endole

Patent Analyst
4b_Viraj Thakur

Viraj Sudhir Thakur

Patent Analyst
Ruchita Patil

Ruchita Patil

Patent Analyst
Harsha Rishi Pillai

Harsha Pillai

Patent Analyst
IP Professional Having Expertise in Digital Electronics & telecommunication

Suraj Patil

Patent Analyst

Team ResearchWire

We started off with a common goal in mind. The motive was to build a team of full-fledged professionals with expertise in intellectual property and the abiding law. Now we are one of the emerging and most promising names amongst knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) firms in the global KPO industry.

        Our team is empowered by highly experienced individuals from the Technology, Management and Legal fraternities. They bring with them years of rich and diverse experience and have also worked on several emerging technology fields. ResearchWire attracts the best of the talents from the field of engineering and science. The creative and encouraging work environment maintained at workplace brings out the best in the talent. We have a rigorous training schedule which prepares our associates to handle all aspects of litigation process. The associates are constantly encouraged to adapt non-conventional approaches for digging out the piece of evidence not reachable by common approach. The highly skilled and analytical approach of our associates towards evidence mining and technology analysis has repeatedly helped our clients in occupying the leading edge in on-going litigations. Over a period of time, our research associates have earned the reputation for being reliable in handling the crucial part of litigation process in high stake contentions. The experience of our experts, spread over diverse technology domains such as telecom, software, semiconductor, networking, web technologies and pharmaceuticals has helped us to cater to the diverse needs of our clients.