ResearchWire is an ISO 27001 certified IP consulting company dealing with patent research and analytics and we work closely with IP teams to provide patent portfolio services and all types of patent searches.   For an initial review I am sharing our brief introduction below.

Patent Search Services

FTO Search / Clearance Search

Exhaustive worldwide / jurisdiction specific search for active patents and pending patent applications that claim one or more features of proposed product / service. We analyze to identify the most critical patents and claims. Patents are categorized on the basis of their threat assessment.

Validity/Invalidity Analysis

To locate relevant prior art we deploy multi-pronged approach to conduct exhaustive WORLDWIDE search on patent and NPL databases like Thomson Innovation, TotalPatent from Lexis Nexis,, Questel’s Orbit, Google Scholar, IEEE, ScienceDirect and unconventional sources like conference proceedings, university articles, reverse engineering reports, product manuals, technical disclosures, newspaper articles and technology blogs etc.

Patentability/Novelty Searches 

We begin with studying the invention disclosure and identifying key features. We deploy various search strategies including but not limited to Keyword Based Search, Class Based Search, Inventor Based Search, Assignee Based Search, Combination Search and Citation analysis to test the novelty of the idea sought to be patented.

Claim Construction Analysis 

Claim Construction sits at the core of patent litigation suits. It’s all about deciphering the boundaries of the claims and interpreting the claim in its simplest form. Plaintiff and defendants interpret claim elements so to bolster their case.

Patent litigants spend a bucket of money on claim construction. The reason is that claim construction usually determines two root issues of every patent case: whether the plaintiff has a valid claim, and whether the defendant infringed the patent.

To properly decipher a patent claim, one must understand the technology behind it. With Strong technical background and ample knowledge of law, Researchwire team cuts through the legal jargon and offers technically precise interpretation of the claims. Our team has experience of working with top US attorneys in matters related to claim constructions.

Review Support

Use of the Inter Partes / Exparte Review is an attempt to invalidate the asserted patent, which can lead to a stay of the patent litigation, and may offer strategic and cost advantages. Numerous factors impact the likelihood of success in a re-examination or a litigation, most important being the strength of the prior art.

 In recent years, re-examination is increasingly used as an avenue to invalidate a patent in light of prior art not known or appreciated at the time of examination. Researchwire can provide the best art for petitioning for re-examination, as well as charting the prior art to claims, to clearly elucidate how the prior art renders a patent invalid.

 As a dedicated intellectual property research firm, Researchwires efforts in this area have been instrumental to our clients success in achieving faster resolution of patent infringement disputes and reducing patent litigation legal fees.

As a trusted and experienced partner in patent reviews, we help you to

Identify prior art which raises a “substantial question of patentability”. Evaluate patents claims with patent experts. Proactively build the petitions as per the most relevant claim construction.