Patent Portfolio Analysis - Patent Mining & Evaluation:

Large Patent Portfolio

We help enterprises in optimization / monetization of a large patent portfolio by identifying their most valuable patents for assertion as well as identifying all the infringing parties to those patents. Our program is divided in three interlinked and customizable stages that allows operational efficiencies and flexibility at much lower costs.

Stage I – Classification of the patents along a technology taxonomy, and then review/ranking of each asset in the portfolio on quantitative and qualitative criteria, using proprietary algorithms, to find the most potent patents.

Stage II – Comprehensive product search on above identified patents to uncover all potential infringers along with preliminary EoU (Evidence of Use) report.

Stage III – Detailed EoU mining and construction of claim charts for most promising (up to) 3% patents.

Small Patent Portfolio

In this case our program is divided in two stages with in-built checking mechanism to address these challenges.

Stage I – Portfolio is analyzed for most promising patents from licensing & monetization perspective. Most promising patents are identified along with preliminary EoU against all possible infringers.

Stage II – Detailed Evidence of Use mining and construction of claim charts for most promising patents.

Technology Licensing

We combine machine searching tools along with the expertise of technical experts to find out the most potential technologies for licensing. Portfolio is organized into technology clusters which are prioritized and ranked, to identify the clusters having the greatest licensing potential. Potentially valuable underlying technologies which can be perfected and marketed in a reasonable time are identified. Patents in the portfolio which are no longer of strategic value to the owner are also identified to be sold. We have custom methodologies to estimate the commercial potential of technologies, identifying the market size, leading players and consumers and calculation of penetration in different geographies. The process is capped with identification of potential targets for technology transfer and licensing.