What It Is

The portfolio analysis is performed to identify the relevant strength of all patents within the portfolio and if need be to understand how and which of the patents in the given portfolio are potentially infringed by the existing products in the market. An effective portfolio analysis helps in identifying where the value is, in patent portfolio. Over the period, valuable patent assets can be “lost” in the complexity of the wider portfolio if worthless assets are maintained unnecessarily, and their true value through sale or licensing is never realized.

What Is The Need

  • To get an in-depth qualitative analysis of your company and that of your competitors.
  • For abandonment of weak patents that do not have any market value and also are not important for business objectives. Thus, improving annual budgeting.
  • It helps in making strategic decisions typically related to mergers / acquisitions / partnership.
  • It also helps in fully exploiting your companys patent assets by identifying new licensing opportunities and mitigating litigation risk.
  • In developing valuable insight for assessment of R&D scenario and to strategize your R&D investment with your patenting activity.
  • Analysis helps in locating gaps in your patent claim coverage and thereby, assist in drafting a patent claim minefield around your business technology space.
  • Management of patent portfolio, which has grown in a haphazard fashion through mergers and acquisitions.

What We Do

Alternately, our team can work with already identified taxonomy, provided by the client.

What Will You Get

  • We provide high-quality, customized and cost-effective intellectual property research, Portfolio Management and IP Intelligence.
  • We hunt for infringers and map them to companys patent portfolio (offensive patent portfolio analysis).
  • We also conduct defensive patent portfolio analysis (Studying competitor patent portfolio onto your product line) and help you in identifying potential candidates for licensing.
  • We can also provide Patent to Technical Standard Mapping reports, for the patent portfolio.
  • Implementation of Graphical Representation in reports, using a combination of graphs, pie-charts, bubble charts and 2-D and 3-D charts, for clearer picture.
  • User friendly reports with integrated search function, to categorize and organize the whole portfolio as per revenue generation potential or with significant future market value to you.
  • Usage of rich database for data mining, for not leaving anything behind.
  • As an add-on service, our team provides a complete support, even after report submissions, to further litigation and IPR issues.