Patent Monetization

Generating revenue by selling or directly / indirectly licensing the patents.
IP monetization process is different for every technological field. At Researchwire, a team of experts who have reviewed thousands of patents, analyze your portfolio and do a thorough patent infringement analysis, and ascertain which of your assets generates better near-term revenue through either the sale of the asset or the enforcement of the patents.

Portfolio Evaluation

Mining portfolio and IP marketplace.
Researchwire offers customized Patent Portfolio Evaluation services for companies to unearth the hidden gems. As a part of patent portfolio evaluation, patents are analyzed to develop a valuable insight helping in assessment of R&D scenario and prospects of commercialization. It also helps in fully exploiting your company’s patent assets by identifying new licensing opportunities and mitigating litigation risk. In a typical patent portfolio evaluation, our research team conducts an assignee based search to uncover all patents and uses other strategies also to uncover patents according to client requirements.
As an add-on service, our team can assist you in identifying the most promising patents in your patent portfolio to take business decision on commercialization of your patent assets.

Patent Licensing

Best way to monetize your patent is to license it.
Patents are a valuable asset whose value depends upon a number of factors including the qualities and representation of the claims, whether or not the invention is being used today or it will be in the future, and the size of the impinged market and its related revenues. A thorough understanding of several factors like licenses, similar prior art, or issues with the prosecution history from a business, legal, and technical perspective will ensure that we realize the maximum and efficient value of your assets.
Licensing of patents is a common method of monetization, but this requires careful, thorough and precise structuring to avoid any damage to the value or loss of IP rights. There are two ways to license a patent. If your patent is being used without your permission, that is patent infringement, so you can decisively or assertively license your patent , you can enforce your patent.
If a company is not using your patent, but it makes sense for that business to take benefit or making profit of the technology your patent offers, you may then want to non-assertively license your patent or patents to the company. Researchwire represents patent owners that want to license their patents or to sell their patent(s). After studying the patent to determine its utilization in industry, we identify specific prospective licensees, put together a marketing package for the patent that promotes its applications and technology, and present the package to pre-qualified prospects.