A patent landscape reveals past and present activities of companies in a given broad-spectrum of technology and gives a fair vision of the market, now and in future. A patent landscape gives answer to all your big Ws such as WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, & WHY are we sure that it answers WHY part also?

Landscaping can be categorized into two broad categories for corporations:
A) Technology Based
B) Player based

A Patent Landscape seeks to answer one or more business objectives by an in-depth analysis of patents. Its benefits to corporations include:

Technology Based Usage:

  • It helps you plan and innovate your research strategies and also helps in identifying new junctions for research and development (R&D) and uncover the most appropriate inventions and/or business strategies by observing the latest market trends.
  • It helps you to identify the white spaces or gaps (i.e. white space analysis) in the technology domain, so that the company can plan its entry in the field.
  • It can also give insight to new potential areas, where there is a possibility of improvement.
    Monitoring research collaborations in the technology area.
  • It assists in introducing a new product or process, to plan infringement issues in advance, by redesigning the product or reformulating the process.

Player Based Usage

  • The information gathered significantly improves your ability to make major business decisions, where you find out more about your current & future competitors than they know about you.
  • Identifying new potential players in the technology space.
  • Identify Potential Avenue for mergers / acquisitions.
  • It helps newbie to foresight the market and accordingly build their highway to rise and shine.
  • Learn who could benefit from licensing your inventions and whose inventions could be licensed to your benefit.

Our Patent Landscape Studies provide clients with a broad and detailed view of the current state of intellectual property for a specific market. Researchwires services include:

  • Our team will help you to identify the most useful visualizations of your patent landscape information.
  • We provide high-quality, customized and cost-effective intellectual property research, business research and market research.
  • Intensive Landscape Report, consists of assignee-wide distribution of IP activity in a domain, relevant patents, key players in the market, IPC and US Class distribution, and year-wise distribution.
  • Implementation of Graphical Representation in reports, using a combination of graphs, pie-charts, bubble charts and 2-D and 3-D charts, for clearer picture.
  • User friendly reports with integrated search function, to categorize and organize the whole data bucket as per clients requirement.
  • Usage of rich database for data mining, for not leaving anything behind.
  • An expert team executes the whole thing under industry professionals supervision.
  • We provide support, even after report submissions, to further processes.