Patent Analytics

In order to adapt with the pacing world, it is very important for an organization to be aware of the concerned State Of Art.Our Patent Analytics Services are:

Patent Landscape Analysis:

A patent landscape reveals past and present activities of companies in a given broad-spectrum of technology and gives a fair vision of the market, now and in future. A patent landscape gives answer to all our big Ws such as WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, & WHY.

IP Audit:

Our team will visit and learn of the products/processes, identify and review in-house IP , identify the protection level of IP, evaluate and assess existing IP agreements with third-parties, review existing systems and processes for protecting IP, and provide our evaluation on how your intellectual property can be further exploited or protected in your business.

Patent Watch:

Patent Watch is an efficient monitoring and tracking system of both newly published patent applications and issued patents. Patent Watch services are performed on a regular basis (weekly/biweekly/monthly/quarterly).The purpose of patent watch is to keep track of the new inventions coming in a particular field of technology or the activity of a competitor.We can perform Patent watch based on assignee, inventor, subject matter or any other criteria as defined by you.

         Researchwires intelligence and experience sets us apart from other IP Analytics firm. Researchwire produces a report with charts and graphs, which can help you to effectively manage your risks, opportunities and strategies. Researchwire offers a highly customized Patent Watch service to suit your requirements, in terms of the technology/competitor to be watched and periodicity of the report. We can send periodic alerts through email, if desired by you.