Creating new innovations can be a challenging and chaotic process. ResearchWire works closely with enterprises to provide Insightful and effective solutions to address their technology roadmap planning and technology development challenges and find alternative solutions from different domains through innovation supporting methodologies, creative tools and comprehensive and exhaustive search across technologies, industries, geographies and markets. Our key service include but are not limited to

  • White space analysis – Finding the gaps in technology where there is possibility to create new IP.
  • Landscape analysis – Technology, Geographical, competitive landscapes customised to your specific needs.
  • Technology scouting – Finding solutions from different domains/ literatures/startups and studying its feasibility.
  • Product process improvement – Search existing databases on how a product/process can be improved.
  • Cross domain application of innovations – finding/ bringing solutions from a different domain/industry to address challenges in any domain/industry.
  • Competitor watch – keeping an eye on your competitor’s innovations, technology gaps.
  • Designing around FTOs – Method to design around existing patents and IPs through design changes, process changes or combination changes in materials required.

ResearchWire uses innovation centric methods such as TRIZ combined with exhaustive searches (Patents, NPLs and market research) to provide with unique, customized and the most suitable solution for any R&D challenge. Our strength lies in making sure that we can find the solution without always trying to re-invent it which makes it very cost effective and ensures that the R&D process benefits from already existing solutions.

ReasearchWire process helps in ensuring that you not only get the technical insights but also have complete business and market intelligence for a complete business decision support.

Our detailed 4 stage process spans the technology life cycle from conception, benchmarking, proof of concept, patenting, product development, supplier acquisition, commercialization and beyond. Our clients rely on us to identify most creative and practical technical solutions for any of their R&D challenges along with a complete feasibility and financial study