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Freedom-To-Operate study identifies whether a product may possibly infringe on the claims of a valid patent. In freedom to operate search, the claim language of the third-party in-force patents is compared with the specifications of a product. It is advisable to conduct a Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) search before the launch of a new product in any jurisdiction. The information gathered through a FTO search helps in avoiding any legal hassles of infringement after the launch. A well-researched FTO report could avoid costly infringement proceedings and delays in product release.

Our Role

Our FTO search locates the patent publications having features similar to those of product for your consideration in addition to in-force patents that help you assess whether you can freely operate your product / invention / process without risk of infringing upon a competitors patent.

Combination of rich & diverse experience, expertise, thorough understanding, intelligence and cost effectiveness sets us apart from others. We have conducted state of the art searches for various Fortune 500 players in the past. We remain in sync with you by communicating our findings in a progress report for timely-reviews. We provide a well informative report that helps you identify if your product or process is likely to infringe any in-force patents.