ResearchWire organized a conference in Luxembourg for startups titled “IP for startups”. The conference was organized in association with IBCL (Indian business chambers of Luxembourg) and was sponsored by Dennemeyers & Associates.

The conference was intended to create awareness about Intellectual property among the startups in Luxembourg and provide them some guidelines, tips and tricks on how to manage and protect intellectual property for any startups. The event had presentations given by notable personalities related to IP in Luxembourg such as Olivier Lombardo, head of trademarks in Dennemeyer & Associates, Serge Quazzoti, Director of IPIL and Stephane Speich from Dennemeyer & Associates. Rohit Kumar, who heads ResearchWire in Europe spoke about the best practices any startup must adopt to ensure their IP is protected and managed well.

Mr. Martin Guerin from Nyuko, moderated the presentations and panel discussions. The event received very positive feedbacks from its 70 + attendees.

More pictures are as below. The presentation for the conference “IP for startups” can be found and to know more about ResearchWire, please click here.