Researchwire provides the best quality patent research services while addressing client’s concern about data security and confidentiality. Our operations and work flow system are foolproof at all levels.

  • Our Information Security Management Systems conform to ISO 27001 standards.
  • Installation of active firewall, spam controller.
  • Disabling of all data transferable media like CD ROMs, USB drives, floppy drives from the systems
  • Foolproof internet access security
  • All employees at Researchwire have signed a confidentiality agreement not to disclose matter related to the work to outside personel or authority.
  • Physical systems preventing unauthorised access to work area.
  • Third Party emails and chat disabled
  • Data transfer with clients through secured FTP login
  • 24*7 physical security
  • CCTV monitoring of workplace
  • Team segregation for different client

Our utmost priority toward security of data has helped us in gaining the much needed confidence of our clients. Also our work is covered under Attorney Client Privilege. We are open to execute an NDA’s or Confidentiality agreement as per the client’s requirement. In order to prevent conflicts, we maintain an updated information database of our clients and restrict the employees exposure to matters other than matters of his/her direct involvement. In case of conflicts, we apprise our client about it and we do not undertake any project in case of conflicts.